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My name is Axel Magard. I am living in Mommenheim, Germany. No clue where this is ? You have probably heard about Frankfurt in Germany, right ? Well, head to the West for about 50 kilometers to encounter Mainz, a beautiful little city located at the river Rhine. 15 kilometers to the South is Mommenheim, a village with around 3.000 souls.
I have been born in 1961 in Frankfurt. Between 1980 and 1983 I studied Electrical Engineering in Stuttgart. Since 1983 I work for IBM in Mainz, first as an IT specialist, nowadays as a project manager.
Hobbies ? Yes ! Badminton, Squash, Traveling ( note the name of my blog !), Hiking, Computers, Books, Dancing, Work ( just kidding … ).

My main English blog is here on WordPress. In case you understand German, you might be interested in my German blog “Axel unterwegs”.


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