So you wanna print out your blog ?

Or you need a table of contents ? Or just part of your blog or a table of contents for some posts in your blog for a particular series of blog posts you have been writing ? And you want that table of contents or printout sorted by date ascending ( oldest entry first ) instead of descending which is the default for all blog engines ?

Blog engines like Blogger or WordPress make it very convenient to blog and provide lots of useful functions, but when it comes to create a printout of your blog – or let’s say a pdf file – or present blog articles in a chronological order instead of reverse chronological as it is the default with all blog engines ( latest entry on top ) then you have to use some workarounds or manual work to achieve this. Printing usually gets messy due to the frame work the blog provider has put around your content, the left and right side bars appear somewhere in your printout and get in your way.

Alternate hosting sites:

I have developed a tool currently hosted on X10Hosting allowing to import a blog export file from either your WordPress or Blogger blog to easily get a table of contents or blog printout or pdf file.

In my wordpress blog here I have a series of blog posts about my trip through the Northwest of the USA in 2006. Creating a chronological table of contents or pdf version of all these articles now is a piece of cake with the help of my tool “Axel’s Blogs Export XML Parser”. Here it is.

How to use it ?

First of all an export file has to be created from a WordPress or Blogger blog. In WordPress this can be done by going to the dashboard, then selecting Tools – Export. A XML file will be produced and stored on your computer.

Now head to my tool and first click on “Browse…” to specify the location of this XML file on your computer, then click on “Process” to upload the file. The file will be kept only temporarily on my server, after 24 hours latest it will be deleted. A list of all blog entry titles will be shown in the sequence as they appear in your blog.

Now you can re-sort or filter as you wish:

  • Check on “Sort by date ?” to sort blog articles by date.
  • Check on “Sort by title ?” to sort blog articles by title.
  • Check on “Sort descending ?” to do any of both sorts descending.
  • Specify a search term in “Search Title:” to filter your blog posts by post title.
  • Alternatively or in addition select one or more tags in the listbox below. Use the radio button “any” or “all” to decide whether any of the tags selected or all need to be assigned to the blog posts you want to filter out.
  • Once you have made your choices click on “Process” again.

If you are satisfied with your selection you now have a list of titles with underlying links to these blog posts in front of you in the right frame of the tool. If you view the source code of this frame ( In Friefox do a right-click, then select This Frame –> View Frame Source ) you get the HTML code for your table of contents.

To produce the full output including all the posts content check on the “Full Content ?” check box and click “Process” again. A full print out of your blog posts will appear in the right frame. You can now either print it or use a tool like FreePDF to create your pdf file of these articles.